Q : What does 100% satisfaction guarantee imply?

A : If you’re not happy, we’ll assist you in making a new batch or give you your money back.

Q : What is the storage and shelf life of beer?

A : To maximize the shelf life of beer, we recommend that you keep it refrigerated . By doing so, it will remain crystal clear for 10 to 16 weeks. Beyond the 16-week point, beer may start to look slightly hazy.

This does not mean the beer has turned bad. It just merely started to re-ferment, producing more alcohol and carbonation. It is still perfectly safe to drink.

Q : What about wine storage and its shelf life?

A : All wines will improve with age. At The World’s Finest, we filter your wine to provide you with crystal clear products without removing any of the delicate flavours. To maximize the shelf life of your wine, keep it on it’s side in a cool dark place, free from vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

Q : How should we clean our bottles?

A : After finishing your wine or beer, rinse thoroughly with warm water and drain well.

When you come in to bottle your next batch, you can sanitize them in our Iodine solution and rinse prior to refilling.

Q : Do you have gift cards?

A :  Yes, that is available.

Q : Can we create our own labels?

A : Of Course!

Q : What are wine crystals ?

A : Those are tartrate crystals, sometimes called wine diamonds and chemically known as potassium bitartrate. They’re formed when tartaric acid, a natural component found in grapes, binds with potassium under cold conditions to form a crystalline salt. These diamonds are often observed in commercial wine as well. The crystals at the bottom of a bottle of wine are usually a sign that the wine is of superior quality.

Q : What are fruit-flavoured wines?

Fruit-flavoured wines are light in alcohol, perfectly balanced and not too sweet. This is the perfect beer and wine cooler alternative. They can be enjoyed chilled on their own or mixed with juices, sodas, and liqueurs to create crowd pleasing cocktails.