You can choose your own style of beer to brew from our large selection list. Natural ingredients are widely available for creating your batch, and then you leave it with us to brew in our temperature controlled fermentation room. Once fermented, our staff will filter, carbonate, and age the batch. Then you return in about 4 weeks later for bottling. No experience is necessary to create your own beer.

The quality and healthy ingredients will appeal to many people, especially those concerned with preservatives and additives. You can be assured of our consistency in producing exceptional beer from The World’s Finest Beer and Wine.

Regular, Premium, Premium plus, Super premium. Prices start from $146.00 (tax included).

Beer Varieties Available


American Lager
Clear, light and refreshing delicately hopped, brilliant gold colour. 3.5%
Canadian Lager
Clean and crisp, fill bodied golden coloured lager. 5.0%
Cream Ale
Pale gold colour, light bodied, delicately hopped with a pleasant aroma  4.5%
Dutch Lager
Light honey coloured, fullbodied and well hopped with a fresh aroma and pleasant bitterness. 5.0%
Light Lager
Pale gold coloured, easy drinking mild lager with a dry finish.  3.0%
Maple Leaf Lager
Easy drinking, delicately hopped with nice gold colour.  5.0%
Mexican Lager
Thirst quenching mild lager with a slight hop after-taste. Light gold colour.   4.5%
Gold coloured, medium body with a crisp, hoppy finish. 5.0%


African Diamond
Honey coloured, a refreshing hop finish,  yet well balanced.   5.5%

Blond Ale
Light gold coloured, smooth, sweetish and flavourful   5.0%

Canadian Ale

Robust and refreshing, golden coloured flowery aroma.  5.0%

Caribbean Pilsner
Refreshing, crisp, light bodied with a mild after-taste and bright gold colour   5.5%

Chinese Beer
Bright gold colour, fresh and lively. Light body, yet hoppy. 5.5%

Columbian Gold
Pale, tawny in colour, full bodied, offset with a good dry finish.  5.5%

Czech Pilsner
Pale yellow colour, well hopped and refreshing with a good dry finish.  5.0%

Dortmund-Style Lager
Amber colour, more body than a Pilsner, drier than the Munich   6.0%

Dry Beer
Copper coloured, crisp and less filling with very little after-taste  5.0%

English Ale
Brilliant copper colour, fresh hoppiness with a clean dry finish.  4.5%

Italian Beer
Golden in colour, refreshing and delicately hopped with a well rounded flavor.   5.5%

Japanese Dry
A pale golden colour, smooth drinking with a moderate bitterness.    5.5%

Super-Dry Lager
Well hopped, light gold colour, smooth and crisp with a dry finish.  5.5%


Aussie Amber
Amber coloured, distinct and flabourful. Well hopped with a smooth finish.  6.5%

Best Bitter
Amber coloured and full bodied with a strong hop finish.  5.5%

Blue Jay Pilsner
Full bodied, dark golden colour with a pleasant hop finish.   5.5%

Christmas Ale
Dark, rich and full flavoured. Great for the holidays! 5.5%

Dait Pilsner
Amber coloured German styled lager, full bodied and well hopped. 6.0%

German-Kolsch Lager
Light brown colour with pleasing, smooth, well rounded flavours.  5.5%

India Pale Ale
Smooth, well hopped amber coloured ale with a smoky after-taste. 5.5%

Long-Weekend Lager
Rich, golden colour, full bodied with a clean hop finish.  5.5%

Mississauga Diamond
Dark copper colour, mid rich. Full roasted malt flavor.  5.5%

Munich-Style Lager
Well balanced malty flavour, deep gold colour.  5.5%

Nut Brown Ale
Burton-style, light brown, a bit sweet, yet smooth well rounded flavor. 5.5%

Olde Streetsville Lager
Typically crisp and well hopped, honey coloured with a fresh aroma. 5.0%

Pale Ale
Bronze coloured, smooth, full bodied, with a well rounded taste.   4.0%

Rocky’s Red
Rich amber colour, full bodied with a crisp hop flavor.  5.5%

World’s Finest Premium Lager
Well balanced, golden colour with a mild hop flavor.  5.0%


Better Bitter
British-Styled Bitter with a full body, dark colour and sharp hop finish.  6.0%

Buckle’s Bitter
Rich roasted malt flavour, dark brown with a well hopped finish.   5.5%

Bock Beer
Deep copper coloured, strong malt flavor, well hopped and hearty.  6.5%

Dopple Bock
Hearty, full bodied mixture of malt and hops, smooth with a rich copper colour.   6.5%

Double Wiesse Beer
Unique, slightly sweet maple taste, deep gold colour and balanced hoppiness.    6.5%

Irish Stout
Dark brown traditional rich roasted malt flavor with a pleasant aroma.   6.0%

Modified Winter Ale
Heart-warming richness, deep dark brown colour with pleasant malt overtones.   6.5%

Olde Streetsville Ale
Hearty, full bodied with a unique dark British styling.  5.5%

Scottish Ale
Amber coloured, well rounded flavor, full bodied with a smooth hop finish   6.0%

Spring Bock Beer
Dark, full bodied roast flavor with a crisp well hopped finish.   6.5%

Wheat Beer
Tawny coloured, full bodied with a unique complex fruity taste. 6.5%

Winter Ale
Rich, deep colour, slightly sweet malt overtones with a warming finish.  6.0%